Mental Illness and Hope

Psych Central has a nice article called, "Is There Hope for the Mentally Ill?" It's an article about mental illness and eliminating the stigmas that come with it. Two tips on overcoming the stigmas of mental illness include:

(1) Recognize that mental illness, while it can be more dangerous than a physical illness, is just that—an illness. Those who suffer from a mental illness are not mentally deficient in their mental capacity; they just have had a chemical imbalance or a severe head injury which hinders their ability to function normally in a certain part of a mental ability of function.

(2) People must be more willing to talk about how they feel to others, and those who are listening must not be judgmental or make the person out to be mentally deficient if they seem to be having problems with a mental illness.

Wishing our visitors good mental and physical health and please remember to "lend a real helping hand" in your neighborhood, in your town, and in your part of the world.

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