CAMI-CNMI held its duly noticed regular meeting on Wednesday, August 27, 2008, at 4:45 p.m. at the new CAMI Headquarters in Garapan, Saipan.
Present: Jeanne Rayphand, Vice-President/Acting President and Kaye Christian, Treasurer, were present.
Called to order: The meeting was called to order by the Acting President Jeanne Rayphand at 4:45 p.m.
Minutes of 5/28/08 meeting: Were approved by unanimous vote.
Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer reported that $1,003.65 had been raised through fund-raising activities and that $450 had been paid to Maria Islam as reimbursement for transportation expenses, and that $100 was paid to Ellen Rayphand for the art class and activity she prepared.and presented The Treasurer also reported that she had advanced payment of $410 to update tax and license documentation and $4323 for the Pergola Project.
Old Business:
1. CHC Psych Unit Pergola for Patio: Pictures of the Pergola show that it will be a beautiful structure and a significant benefit to the patients in the CHC Psych. Unit. Kaye Cristian has advanced $4,323 for this project.
Motion: A motion was made to reimburse Kaye Christian the sum of $593 from fundraising funds and $2,400 from grant money intended for projects for a total of $2,993. The balance of $1,330 advanced for the Pergola Project is to be raised through future fundraising activities.
The motion was approved.
2. Fundraising: Future fundraising activities will include a Children’s Ice Cream Social, a Christmas Craft Bazaar, a Trash-to-Treasure Store, a Recycling Project, and an Anti-stigma Lighting the Way campaign. Specific dates will be scheduled in future.
3. Status of CGC Grant: A complete list will be prepared. In May, the First Annual Family Fun Fair & Awareness Day was held on May 30, 2008. In July, an Art Class was presented by Ellen Rayphand on July 26, 2008. The opening of the new CAMI headquarters was held in August and a tour of the premises and ideas for renovation and use were discussed. It is anticipated that a fund-raising ice cream social will be held in September and Kaye Christian will head up the planning and scheduling of this event.
New Business
1. Reimbursement to Kaye Christian for costs in updated and filing non-profit corporation documents and taxes. Kaye Christian has advanced $410 for updating and filing corporatioin documents.
Motion: A motion was made to reimburse Kaye Christian the sum of $410 from fundraising funds for the costs in updating and filing of non-profit corporation documents and taxes.
The motion was approved.
2. Block Grant: Kaye Christian reported on the review of the Block Grant. The state of mental health in the CNMI is a serious concern, particularly considering that the services and staff available are declining in a downward spiral.

Adjourned: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.
Jeanne H. Rayphand
Vice-President/Acting President

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