CAMI-CNMI Meeting Recap

Dear friends:

For those of you not familiar with CAMI-CNMI: Coalition on the Anti-Stigmas of Mental Illness in the CNMI, we are a new mental health awareness group homegrown right here in Saipan. We have one mission: To get volunteers in the community involved in the lives of our mental health consumers and join together in shared activities so that together we will wipe out the terrible stigmas of mental illness here on our islands.

We held our first CAMI-CNMI meeting tonight at the Clubhouse. One theme that was echoed over and over is that we're trying to Keep Things Simple. We're looking for volunteers to lend "a real helping hand." In the coming weeks and months, you will see the CAMI-CNMI name all over Saipan and more importantly, you will see community volunteers teaming up and sharing in activities with mental health consumers.

***Next Volunteer Opportunity will be Sat. Feb. 10th. We will join Beautify CNMI to help clean up our island.*** (More details to come).

Short Recap of our CAMI-CNMI Meeting:

1) GED classes will be offered by Betty Miller for Clubhouse clients. Date/Time to be determined.

2) Clubhouse activities (for now) will be mainly Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

3) Some activities of interests: cha-cha lesson, tahitian dance, karaoke/singing, beading, picnics, art/painting, and more... (Not to worry Jeanne Rayphand, I have you down for Sat. mornings for art/painting. Will talk to Kaye and then email you in the next few days to find the best date/time). Thanks for volunteering! :)

4) NEXT Volunteer Opportunity: Sat. Feb. 10th. We will join Beautify CNMI to help clean up our island.

5) We offer gas coupon to anyone who assists in transporting/driving consumers to CAMI-CNMI events.

6) In the weeks and months ahead, CAMI-CNMI will forge alliances with our local Saipan agencies, CGC, DPS, DYS, PSS, NMPASI, etc.

7) We will also reach out to church groups (Mormon, Seventh-Day, Catholic, Baptist, etc.) to seek volunteers.

8) CAMI-CNMI Website will be updated daily or a few times a week to reflect news or things of interests for the mental health community.

9) An online Calendar of Events will be developed shortly to list upcoming events/activities.

We are so excited to see so many CNMI agencies represented there tonight: PSS, CGC, NMPASI, & Beautify CNMI. Please help us spread the word! And keep checking our blog for the latest news/updates at

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