CAMI-CNMI held its duly noticed regular meeting on April 8, 2009, at 5:15 p.m. at the CAMI Headquarters in As Lito, Saipan.
Present: Jeanne Rayphand, Vice-President/Acting President, Kaye Christian, Treasurer, Chris Kapileo, Sue Gates, Linda and Vic, Meredith and Ricco; Tim Faska; Tilde Rosario, Christy Sablan, and Pam Sablan were present.
Called to order: The meeting was called to order by the Acting President Jeanne Rayphand at 5:15 p.m.
Minutes of 12/10/08 meeting: Were approved.
Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer reported that there is $3,369.73 in the CAMI-CNMI bank account. The total cost of the pergola is $7,114.93, with a balance of $3,481.93 remaining to be reimbursed to Kaye Christian. The expenditures for the TLC/CGC Christmas Party and the Children’s Holiday Party came to $400.66.
A motion was made to reimburse Kaye Christian the sum of $310 from fundraising funds as partial reimbursements on expenditures for the pergola and $400.66 from grant funds as reimbursement for outreach parties. The motion was approved.
Old Business:
1. CHC Psych Unit Pergola for Patio: Has been erected and development of a garden surrounding the pergolas is now in progress. It is anticipated that the dedication of the pergola will be held during Mental Health Month in May.
2. CGC Grant: Approximately $2,659.07 remains from last year’s grant funds. We have been informed that we can put in a proposal for a portion of the New Freedom Intiative Grant for anti-stigma projects.
3. Fundraising: Tickets are continuing to be sold for raffle to win a Barrie Wonenberg original. Kaye Christian will write letters to legislators and businessmen requesting contributions. On May 2, there will be a walk and a wellness fair at which we can sell drinks, etc.
Sue Gates, Kaye Christian, and Tim Faska will constitute a Fund-Raising Committee and will work together to develop ideas for fund-raising.

New Business:
1. Trunkila: Pam Sablan, together with Christy Sablan, of the DD Council, were present and presented information regarding the need for a community-based organization to run the Trunkila program (a loan program for assistive technology) from now until September 30, 2009. They will notify us when the AT Advisory Committee meets so that we can attend and get more information regarding the program and how it runs. It may be possible for a trip to be scheduled to Guam to observe the setup of the program on Guam. Basically, Christy will prepare the applications for loan applicants and the community-based organization will serve to go between the Bank and the loan applicants and the AT Advisory Council.
2. Amendment to Bylaws: A motion to adopt the proposed By-Laws was made and, after discussion, the proposed By-Laws were adopted.
3. Election of Directors and Officers:
The following persons were elected to serve as directors for 2-year terms:
Kaye Christian
Chris Kapileo
Jeanne Rayphand
Sue Gates
Linda Stephanian
The following persons were elected to serve as officers for 1-year terms:
President: Chris Kapileo
Vice-President: Sue Gates
Secretary: Jeanne Rayphand
Treasurer: Kaye Christian
4. Emergency Fund: Tim Faska suggested starting an emergency fund, together with peer support, for persons in emergency cases without income temporarily. The idea was discussed and it was suggested that a special fundraiser, such as a golf tournament, annually or more often, be considered.
A motion was made to establish an Emergency Fund and ascertain sources to fund it. The motion passed.
5. Flametree Festival: Joe Kani has given Jeanne Rayphand his booth for the Flametree Festival so, if we have any arts and crafts to sell, they can be sold at her booth.
Adjourned: The meeting adjourned at 6:21 p.m.
Jeanne H. Rayphand

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