CAMI-CNMI held its duly noticed regular meeting on December 10, 2008, at 5:15 p.m. at the new CAMI Headquarters in As Lito, Saipan.
Present: Jeanne Rayphand, Vice-President/Acting President and Kaye Christian, Treasurer, Betty Miller, Chris Kapileo, Sue Gates, Linda and Vic were present.
Called to order: The meeting was called to order by the Acting President Jeanne Rayphand at 5:17 p.m.
Minutes of 10/27/08 meeting: Were approved.
Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer reported that an additional $23.70 was spent for candles for anti-stigma campaign.
A motion was made to approve the expenditure of $23. 70 for candles. The motion was approved. A check in the amount of $433.70 shall be made payable to Kaye Christian as reimbursement of $23.70 for candles plus the $410 previously approved for update of tax and license documents.
The balance of funds available from CGC grant and fund-raising activities is $6,628.21 less $2,993 previously approved for reimbursement to Kaye Christian for a total balance available of $3,635.21.
Old Business:
CHC Psych Unit Pergola for Patio: The total paid so far for the Pergola Project is $5,214.21. Hardware is still needed, the cost of which is expected to be $518.57, plus payment to workers who will do assembly of the pergola is estimated to be $1,600, bringing to total cost of the Pergola Project to $7,332.77 more or less.
TLC Christmas Party/peer support: Will be held on December 19, 2008, lunchtime, at the American Memorial Park Pavilion. Motion to approve the expenditure of up to $250 to support Christmas Party was made and approved.
CGC Grant: Maria Islam will be paid reimbursement for transportation as agreed at the rate of $5/day for opening the clubhouse, upon submission of records.
New Business:
1. Grant Application - Systems of Care for youth with mental health, emphasis on emotional disturbance: Application is due January 15, 2009, but CGC not applying for grant. Concern was expressed because those mental health services are needed. Only a state agency can apply. UCEDD/DD Council are state agencies which could apply. Upon information and belief, UCEDD/DD Council are attempting to get application prepared. Tom Camacho is contacting University of Hawaii to assist in preparing grant application.
A motion was made to send a letter from CAMI to urge application for grant and offering to assist in any way possible. The motion was approved and Kaye Christian will prepare the letter. Betty Miller will route letter through PSS SPED to get their further support.
Emergency Fund: will be discussed at next meeting when Tim Faska can be present.
Fundraising: Kaye Christian will write a letter to the Legislators requesting donations. Other ideas considered were an ice cream party for kids and/or a cookie decorating party at which parents will attend with child or persons could sponsor a child. ACT could assist.
Kids’ Party: It was decided to have a New Year’s Party for kids on December 28, 2008, Sunday afternoon, from 2-4 p.m. Betty Miller will get teachers to volunteers to set up stations and all kids will be invited so kids will be mentoring other kids. Advertising of event was discussed. Betty Miller will do a survey to determine interest. Kaye Christian and Betty Miller will work together to plan event.
Raffle: Raffle tickets at $5/ticket are being sold to win a Barrie Wonenberg original.
Need for Psychiatrists: Concern was expressed that one psychiatrist is insufficient for the mental health needs of persons in the CNMI.
Adjourned: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.

Jeanne H. Rayphand
Vice-President/Acting President

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