Passionate People

There are three kinds of people in the world - those who avoid things like it was the plague, those who complain about anything and everything, and those who do something about it. Just like their names, avoiders are great at one thing, avoiding. They avoid a challenge. They avoid difficult situations and they avoid responsibilities. Watching avoiders pretend to work is like watching vampires pretend to love the sun. It's just painful to see.

Like avoiders, complainers shirk responsibilities. Why? Because they spend more time complaining then actually working. For them the world is made up of a series of unfortunate events. Complainers see the glass half empty. In fact, sometimes they don't even see the water in the glass. At times, I wonder if they even see the glass at all.

Admittedly, I sometimes fall into the complainers group. I try not to get into that pattern of thinking, but I sometimes fail. What often keeps me in line, motivated, and focused, however, are what I called "passionate people." Passionate people don't do their jobs because they get paid. They do their jobs because that thing that's inside them drives them to do what's right and to finish what they've started. Passionate people don't rest. They never rest because they're the ones who carry the loads left behind by the avoiders and complainers.

There is a handful of professionals here in Saipan that I consider passionate people. Kaye Christian, CAMI-CNMI Co-Founder and NMPASI Board Member, is one such individual. I count my lucky stars every time I have the pleasure of collaborating with her. When I'm swamped with work or discouraged by things, her passion to serve the mentally ill inspires me. Through her love for her volunteer work and in her passionate manner in carrying out her duties, she reminds me of what Gandhi once said:

We need to be the change we want to see happen.
We are the leaders we have been waiting for.

Thanks Kaye...for being who you are.

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