Biographies of CAMI-CNMI's Early Supporters

In the next few days, I will feature a short biography of the first 9 supporters of CAMI-CNMI (not counting me and the two co-founders), which makes it 12 bios. These action-oriented professionals have demonstrated a "let's do something mentality." Here's a short timeline.

An email was sent to 18 people about CAMI-CNMI on Jan. 18, 2007. The response (within 3 days) from supporters in alphabetical order and with response time are as follows. 50% of the people who reveived the email responded (via email, in person, or by writing an article) with their support in just 3 days!

1. Bev Cabanatan (Registered Dental Hygienist) -- 1.20.07 -- Hey, I've been flossing!
2. Marconi Calindas (Saipan Tribune reporter) -- 1.21.07 -- Great article in the Sunday paper!
3. Becky Flores (School Counselor at WSR) -- 1.20.07 -- A mentor and a great colleague!
4. Walt Goodridge ( -- 1.20.07 -- Thanks for the blog tips!
5. Patty Mendoza (School Counselor at Hopwood Junior High) -- 1.19.07 -- The CMLS leader and a friend!
6. Betty Miller (San Vicente Elementary Teacher) -- 1.19.2007 -- You truly live up to your Teacher of the Year award!
7. LJ Tenorio-Fejeran (Child/Adolescent Therapist) -- 1.16.07 -- You supported us even before we had a name!
8. Hazel Tudela (School Counselor at MHS) -- 1.18.07 -- A kind soul & a great heart!
9. Angelo Villagomez (Beautify CNMI) -- 1.20.07 -- Your "let's do" attitude is an inspiration for CAMI-CNMI!

Kaye Christian, CAMI-CNMI Co-Founder -- A giving spirit who helps when others turn away.
Miwa Iguchi-Nguyen, CAMI-CNMI Co-Founder -- Originator of CAMI-CNMI's motto "A Real Helping Hand" and my supporter!
Steve Nguyen (Behavior Specialist), CAMI-CNMI Co-Founder -- "Together we will rid our islands of the stigmas of mental illness."

Posted bySteve Nguyen at 1/21/2007 11:08:00 AM  


LJ Tenorio-Fejeran said... January 22, 2007 at 5:51 PM  

The clubhouse project is a great endeavor. I worked at a community mental health clinic that had a clubhouse and it was one of the most beneficial programs I have ever encountered for people with chronic mental illness. It is really a rich program that is much needed and will offer participants a wealth of knowledge, understanding and skills...Something I fully support. Steve, fly with this...Even if you just get a few people to work it, it will have been well worth it.

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